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Circuler à Ouessant - Move along Ouessant

A Ouessant, le mode de déplacement principal pour les hôtes de l’île est le vélo ! Toutefois, la randonnée est possible sur toute l’île et le long des côtes, soit à peu près 45 km... Du port de Stiff au cœur de Lampaul, des navettes, des taxis... Rendez vous sur le site de l’Office du Tourisme pour tous les détails.

A Ouessant, the main mode of travel for guests of the island is the bike ! However, hiking is possible all over the island and along the coast, roughly 45 km ... Port in the heart of Lampaul Stiff, shuttles, taxis ... Go to the website of the Tourist Office for details.

Arriving at Ouessant island, you’ll land in the east of the island port Stiff located 4 kms from Lampaul. Shuttles and taxis will ensure your motorized travel. Guests can rent bicycles at the port of Stiff or Lampaul, taking care to access restrictions on coastal roads.

Taxi shuttle bus and guided tours

There is a shuttle service (for a fee) from the landing port of Stiff and Lampaul. If you want to go to any other place, you can contact the taxi on the island. You can also tour the island by car, enjoying the driver comments that will help you discover the most beautiful places on the island of Ouessant ...

Bike rentals

At Ouessant, you can rent bicycles and tour the island at your own pace. Attention coastal roads are closed to bicycles for safety reasons and Plant Protection : remember to ask for a leisurely stroll on the edge of the coast.

"Cycle Évasion"
Tél : 02 98 48 85 15

"La Bicyclette"
Tél : 02 98 48 81 34 ou 06 80 70 94 95

Tél : 02 98 48 83 44 ou 06 81 89 11 41


Ouessant is a walker’s paradise ! There is a walking path that goes around the island, it takes about 45 kms to go around. The coastal paths are reserved exclusively for pedestrians and therefore prohibited for bicycles. Extreme caution is recommended, accidents are recorded every year.

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