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Découvrir Ouessant - Discover Ouessant

Ouessant, une île à découvrir ! Sur le site Kolan Eusa, Ondine présente ses propositions de découvertes et de parcours, sur terre comme sur mer, de rencontres insolites et durables de l’île.

Ouessant, an island to discover ! On the site Kolan EUSA, Ondine presents its findings and proposed route over land and sea, unusual and sustainable meetings of the island.

Le site d’Ondine, guide interprète régionale ouessantine
The Ondine site, regional interpreter Ouessant

Crossed with rocks and beaten by the currents of Fromveur, Ouessant has always built a world of her, punctuated by storms closer to the world of the ocean than that of men.

Men born sailors, and for centuries, died at sea, far from their own, honored by the ritual Proëlla,

Men, braving the risk of their lives, the area of the island to perform dangerous acts of bravery,

Women working to sheep farming, the spinning and culture, while men sail,

Women who left their stronghold Ouessant "Island of Women" ....

A people of tradition and piety whose life is woven a web of evil ... shipwrecks,

Land in freedom led by the wings of the mills ... and crossed by birds ...

An island where agriculture has shaped the landscape ...

A charming island with its coasts to the strong winds and storms legendary ...

OUESSANT, Earth mine !

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